Abstraktion einfach erlernen ,Bilder im Großformat
abstrakte Kunst, Abstraktion,

My paintings

My life is like the way I use to paint

first to perceive with all senses, start to sprint

to design, to create,colorful...coloful...colorful...

have to make decisions, have to let go something you already got fond of, to refocus, disallow, come to calm and than strike a new path, order oneself...reduce, keep moving and again


My life is colorful

Why all about this ?

I want to create , satisfy my curiosity about the result every day. My abstract paintings are not a bulk production.

Paintings take their time. Passionate layer is placed over layer and layer. Removed, reduced and glazed, sanded and layered again

Finally I have a result and I´ll be calm

The next painting is already in my head

further… further… further…